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Take a guided tour of the night sky.

Explore the night sky with Morehead each month with our free skywatching sessions! Morehead educators along with our partners, RAC (Raleigh Astronomy Club) and CHAOS (Chapel Hill Astronomical & Observational Society) bring telescopes and guide you through fun observations of stars, planets, moons, nebulae and other celestial objects. You might even see a few meteors! 

Interested in exploring the Carolina night sky at home?

Download the October/November 2022 star chart and use on clear nights in your own backyard!

As a part of our Morehead At Home series, our educators virtually explored the night sky using Stellarium, and discussed celestial happenings and other astronomy-related topics like how to identify constellations, measuring distances between objects in the sky and more. You can check out the recordings of the sessions on our YouTube here. 

You can explore Morehead At Home for other educational resources to try at home.

Skywatching sessions are very informal and family-friendly. Each session is scheduled for two hours, but you can arrive and leave at any time during the session. During the evening, you might do any of these things:

  • Peek through telescopes for up-close views of celestial objects
  • Take a laser-guided “star tour” of the night sky
  • Learn where to look for major constellations
  • Listen to legends told by ancient cultures about the constellations
  • Ask the astronomers for answers to all the astronomy questions you have!

Still have questions about Skywatching? Check out our Skywatching FAQs.

Please note: Because of Earth’s rotation, some sky objects may be visible during only part of a skywatching session, depending on the times they rise and set. Click here for our current star chart.

Morehead skywatching sessions are a variety of site throughout the Triangle region.

Currently our main sites are:

Skywatching sessions may also be hosted at Stagville State Historic Site, The Durham Hotel, and other special locations. Please see the calendar events for location details.

To request a skywatching session at another location, contact

Morehead Planetarium Box Office

Do you still have questions about skywatching? Check out our Skywatching FAQs!