Yoga Under the Stars

Yoga Under the Stars

Yoga Under The Stars will return in Spring 2020.

Each Spring and Fall, yogis in the Triangle join us for relaxing yoga in the GSK Fulldome Theater.

You’ll enjoy views of the night sky, soft music, and instruction from some of the best yoga instructors in the area.

Please check back later for more details.

What should I wear?
We suggest layered, comfortable and flexible clothing. The theater will often start cold and then heat up.

Do I need to bring a mat?
We cannot provide mats for yoga participants. Please consider purchasing one beforehand, or bring a beach towel (or similar) to lie on the carpet.

What should I expect?
This is not your typical yoga class. Poses and flow are designed to encourage you to pause and look up at the beautiful images on the dome and reflect upon the beauty the theater provides.

What is the degree of difficulty?
This class is accessible to those who have never done yoga, but will still be enjoyable for experienced practitioners.

Will it be dark?
Yes, very! It is difficult to see the instructor (and your neighbors) so several poses are demonstrated before class begins. This also makes balance poses a unique challenge.

I get motion sickness—will this be okay for me?
While we try to limit too much movement of the sky during the session, images do move. If you are sensitive, we recommend that you sit down and close your eyes while the sky is moving.

Parking for Morehead visitors is available in several area lots and on Franklin Street in Downtown Chapel Hill. Visit this page to learn more.

Karen Shelley began practicing yoga in 2005 as a way to integrate a healthy balance of movement and stillness into her life. Today, she delivers this balance to her students through studio classes, global yoga retreats, and private lessons. Her initial training as a yoga teacher was at Kula Yoga Project in New York City. In addition to yoga as a moving meditation, Karen is passionate about the benefits of more therapeutic practices and is certified by San Francisco’s Judith Hanson Lasater to teach Relax and Renew® Restorative Yoga. For more information about Karen’s schedule and offerings, visit

After stopping collegiate swimming, Megan Meyer was looking for a new form of exercise that would be helpful for both her mental and physical health. She took her first class in 2007 and was sold. Her practice continued to deepen throughout graduate school, and she (finally!) completed her yoga teacher training with Carolina Yoga Company in 2019. Megan currently works in science communication at a nutrition and food science non-profit and tries to weave in evidence-based wellness into her classes. Visit Megan’s website to learn more.

A Physical Therapist for over 20 years and a yoga teacher for 12 years, Laura Terry teaches with a liberal sprinkling of (easily understandable) anatomical explanations of the benefits of yoga as a movement practice. Her classes offer modifications and adaptations to allow the practice to suit your body and energy level. She is passionate about using yoga to heal the body and to counteract the busyness of life, one breath at a time.


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