Important Parking Update

The UNC-owned Morehead parking lot is under construction. Weekday visitors must now pay using ParkMobile (Zone Code 4468) or the Digital Pay Station near our iguana. For more information, go to our Plan A Visit page.

Hidden No More: Week 4 round-up

Ada Lovelace

Lovelace wrote the first computer program ever published ⁠— instructions for the Analytical Engine, a computer proposed by inventor Charles Babbage, to generate Bernoulli numbers.

Margaret Hamilton

Hamilton led an MIT team that developed software for Apollo 11. Safeguards built into this software overrode a human error that could have ruined the first Moon landing.

Harriet Quimby

Quimby was the first American woman of any race to earn a pilot’s license. Less than a year later, she became the first woman to fly across the English Channel.

Emory Malick

Malick, the first licensed African American pilot, worked as an aerial photographer and operated an air transportation service in Pennsylvania.

Evelyn Granville

Granville worked in the IBM group that developed software for Project Vanguard, America’s first space program. Vanguard 1 – the world’s first solar-powered satellite – still orbits Earth.