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Our Donors

Our donors are very important. Each year thousands of individuals, foundations and corporations make Morehead Planetarium and Science Center's life-changing work possible. To each and every one of those donors, we say, "Thank you!" If you would like to make a gift to Morehead and see your name on this list next year, please visit the Ways to Support Us page.

2015-16 Donor Honor Roll

Gifts and private grants to Morehead between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016. Levels based on combined tax deductibility of all gifts received from entity during the gift period.


Alfred & MaryBeth Childers Foundation
Biogen Foundation
Brigid and Erik Troan
Burroughs Wellcome Fund
Clarence E. Whitefield
Duke Energy Foundation
FedEx Corporation
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Google Fiber
Google Inc.
James L. and Florence F. Peacock
Joan H. Gillings Foundation
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
North Carolina GlaxoSmithKline Foundation
Novozymes North America, Inc.
Richard L. and Ford G. Hibbits
Sandra W. Stewart
SAS Institute, Inc.
Stephen E. Butts and Shelley G. Myott
The Nickolas Bunn Boddie, Sr. and Lucy Mayo Boddie Foundation
Tides Foundation
Time Warner Cable
Troan Foundation
UNC Hospitals
William R. Kenan Jr. Charitable Trust


Alexander H. Knapp
Bennett L. and Beth Steelman
BP Foundation Matching Gifts
Bradley Lewis
Bruce W. Carney and Ruth A. Humphry
Carol and David Morehead
Christy and Joel Shaffer
Chrys P. Bullard and James W. Noonan
Claude and Sarah Snow
Cyrus and Dixie Hapgood
Eric and Gerty Ward
Frederick C. Baker
Adrian and Gina Likins
Girish and Poonam Pande
GSK Matching Gifts
Hiroko Yanagida
J. K. Smith
Joan and Robert Huntley Charitable Foundation
Joan C. Huntley
Kelly and Daniel Adler
Linda and Roger Perry
Lisa L. Jones
Lori B. Wittlin
Michael and Laura Brader-Araje Fdn
Michael D. and Elise L. Rogers
Michael J. Giarla and Ellen H. Michelson
Nicole and Paul Strebel
Omar and Paige J. Zinn
Pat and John P. Evans
Paul and Sarah Casey
Paula and Tony Adams
Placide Barada
Stacey and Mark Yusko
Susan E. Gravely and William G. Ross
Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC
Triangle Community Foundation
Van W. Daniel


Alisa S. Wolberg
Amber Vogel
Arthur W. Coston
Catherine Bryson
Charles M. Weiss
Chuck Gordon & Sharon R. Stephenson
Cynthia M. Beard
Denise L. Young
Diane B. Linfors
Dustin and Susan Gross
E. Durant Bell
Eunice and Donald Collins
Harriet and D. G. Martin
Inger & Benjamin B. Brodey
James and Susan Moeser
Jeffrey and Melanie Hill
Jim and Ruth McVea
Kathy and Keith Jackson
Kim and Peter Fox
Lisa A. Gillespie
Mary A. Fisher
Mary K. Bell
Matthew and Eve Barkley
Michael and Tonya Miller
Northwestern Mutual Life Matching Gifts
Peter M. Pickens & Ona M. Pickens
Robert and Renee Page
Stephen E. McConnell
Susanna Robinson
Tarjinder Banger
William and Ann Kirkland
William E. Clark


Adam and Marieke Steiner
Alessandra D. Ritter
Alfonse and Jennifer Runquist
Alysha and John Horsley
Andy Hart
Angela L. Talton
Arthur and Jennelle Williams
Barbara B. Javaras
Basia McAnaw
Benjamin F. Sottile
Blaine S. Ward
Bonnie and James Yankaskas
Brad and Carol Walters
Brenda W. Kirby
Brian and Moyra Kileff
Bryant and Theresa Moore
Candace L. Phillips
Christopher D. and Amy Lea
Coleen M. Quinn
Dale E. Green
Daniel and Marisa Sears
David and Melanie Lawrence
David L. Hill
Deborah A. Lekan
Dianne M. Gut
Dolores Bilangi
Donald A. Boulton
Donald and Caroline Lloyd
Donna Ann and Robert Reece
Elizabeth M. Holsten
Emily and David Frazelle
Erik T. Macintosh
Evan T. Ross
Fred and Carole Newman
Frederic and Jane Dalldorf
Gail N. Glifort
Gary Towning
Georgia and Michael Brock
Gerald and Linda Jones
Hal Davis
Heather and Brian Payne
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
Howard D. Cole
IBM Corporation Matching Gifts
Ina and Terrence Horn
Ishwar and Penny Gopichand
James and Betsy Bryan
James and Kathy Holland
James W. Johnson
Jennifer and Malachi Burgess
Jenny H. Lynch
Jesse J. and Emily Richuso
John E. Kuras
Jolynn and Hampton Dellinger
Jon and Karen Bjorkman
Joseph and Diane Griffin
Joseph and Jody Pagano
Joseph and Marie Wade
Joseph and Mary Alyce McCullough
Joseph E. Logan
Joseph H. Wade Living Trust
Judith M. Panitch
Karen T. Villeda
Kari and Gray Price
Katherine and Mark Hansil
Kathleen and Robert Anderson
Kent and Clarinda Carrington
Laura and Justin Pentz
Lawrence E. Band
Linda and Brian Sanders
Lishan Su
Lori A. Enney
Louis and Anne Fogleman
Louise Palmer
M. L. Smiley
Margaret and Wesley Jackson
Mark Vukovich
Mauro G. Valentine
Meredith B. de Rham
Michael and Kathryn Neece
Michael and Susan Gunn
Nicole and Stefan Reinartz
Otis J. Fugelso and Anne M. Lachiewicz
Pamela Simpson
Patrick and Stacey Kubis
Peter H. Gilligan
R. K. Scott
R. M. and April Powell
Rachel E. Whinna
Rajesh K. Malik
Randall Lanier
Richard and Kimberly Macon
Richard E. Denby
Robert N. Maitland
Ronald and Paige Amber Peeler
Sallie Shuping-Russell
Salmen T. Fayed
Sharon and Jeff Molinari
Stephen and Valerie Woodard
Susan and David Klapper
Susanne Bilangi
Ted R. and Leslie M. Murphy
Terence and Rita Furness
The Clarence E. Whitefield Restated Revocable Trust
Thomas A. Fiore & Carol P. Tresolini
Thomas F. Davis
Tyre B. Lasitter
Victoria C. Kline-Band
W. E. and Nancy Fuller
Walter and Elizabeth Bennett
Wendy D. Whitener
William and Mary Holmes
William W. Smith
Willis H. Groce
Winnie Yu


Abigail M. Carroll-Sharpe
Adrianna and Michael Sidelinger
Agustus C. Elmore
Alexander L. Bailey
Alina Huskey
Allen Olmstead
Amy M. Gallagher
Amy Naylor
Andria I. Fernandez
Annabelle Sheldon
Arthur Goodwin
Arthur M. Parker
Benjamin A. and Donna D. Lee
Beth A. Hudson
Beth H. Isenhour
Betty R. McCain
Bhanu Palakodete
Bradley and Brandi Davis
Brian G. Frizzelle
Brian Hanczaryk
Carl M. Shy
Carol and Victor Minton
Carson and Edward Meinen
Catherine S. Whitt
Charles and Mary Anoia
Charlotte and Jonathan Dubois
Cheryl and Dennis Ewald
Chris Barry
Christina and Steven Lebonville
Christina Bohanek
Christopher E. Miller
Cindy B. Fox
Clark and Amy Lovelace
Courtney B. Chen
Courtney L. Tesh
Cynthia A. Johnson
Cynthia and Philip Johnson
D. B. Guild
Daniel Scroop
Darryl J. Keith
David and Delia Darst
David C. George
David W. Wood
Diana and Patrick Williams
Don Mundy
Donald and Jo Anne Morris
Donald R. Parker
Dorothy and F. H. Webb
Dutch Dasanaike
E. M. Glancy
Elena Fitterer
Elizabeth Grey
Elizabeth Welch
Emsley and Lois Laney
Erica Corini
Carl and Eve Shy
Fiona Fin
Frank Meadows
Gail E. Hedrick
Garey Waters
Gary Williams
H. W. Parker
Harold S. Seawright
Henrietta C. Wade
Howard and Edith Resnick
Hui Wang
J. K. Weston
Jacqueline L. Norris-Drouin
James M. Brenneman
James Welch
Jane and Julian Bryttan
Janet Van Handel
Jasmine M. Gandhi
Jason Cooley
Jeanne and Alexander Jacobson
Jennifer Losen
Jennifer Weinberg-Wolf
Jenny L. Merritt
Jesse Shoemaker
Jessica M. Boulton
Joanie Hickey
JoAnn and Michael Massei
Joao and Bronwyn deFigueiredo
John A. and Barbara Purdie
John and Ann Brumley
John H. Espenhahn
John L. and Linda P. Williams
Jon Fowlkes
Joon G. Hong
Juan Chen
Kanny Morgan
Karen Century
Kate Hawley
Katja Elbert-Avila
Kaye and Ronald Essick
Kerry Bullock-Ozkan
Kevin J. Frankowski
Kim H. Salisbury-Keith
Kim Sanghyun
Kyle Dunlap
Kyra and Geovani Ramirez
Lakshmi P. Kalpathy Sunderam
Larry and Anne Wise
Larry Beckler
Laura R. Corin
Laurel A. Keefer
Lawrence Rella
Leonard C. Sacks
Lesley H. Parker
Linda Convissor
Linda Y. Cooper
M. C. and Richard Fair
Madhu Pai
Maggie Pace
Maohui Qin
Marguerite E. Mclamb
Maria and Michael Palmer
Marian and Wayne Cascio
Marshall and Phyllis Clements
Marti and David Jenkins
Marty Bridges
Mary L. Waller
Matthew J. Johnsrude
Matthew M. Jones
Meaghan Poulin
Melisande Timblin
Melissa and David Maloney
Memrie and Scott McConnell
Michael and Barbara Jones
Michael and Katherine DeVoe
Michael and Melissa Rooney
Michael H. and Joanna Selim
Millie Levin
Monica L. Hedgecock
Morgon Haskell
Natallia Sredeve
Nellie K. Wise
Netta C. Yogi
Nicola Helfert
Noel and Shelby C. Dunivant
Norris B. Johnson
Pamela M. Strand
Patricia A. Moylan
Patricia Alexander
Paul and Wendy Henderson
Peggy Lynn and Timothy Caudle
Peter and Claire Ruocchio
Philip R. Magnuson
Phillip M. Locey
Q. D. and Linda Walker
Quentin D. Read
Radhika Ramakrishnan
Raymond E. Blackwell
Rebecca L. Watkins
Rebekah McDaniel
Richard and Marie Thiele
Rick Walter
Robert and Theresa McCabe
Robert and Vicki Stocking
Robert G. Robertson
Robert J. and Peggy F. Hursey
Robert L. Caldwell
Robert L. Holliday
Ronald J. Hickes
Rumey C. Ishizawar
Russell and Kathryn Roberson
S. M. and Nathan Hedrick
Samuel Graves
Sandra Gaines
Sarah and Stephen Southward
Sarah E. Zelasky
Scott and Catherine Whitt
Selene Johnson
Serge S. Drouin
Shannon Brennan
Shauna Rogers
Shawn Anderson
Shawn Feinstein
Shenandoah L. Nieuwsma
Shipra Patel
Sonal Mehta
SooAh Chang
Stephen and Kylie Strother
Stephen Warlick
Steven and Janice Peck
Steven D. Richmond
Sue and Terry Giles
Susan Conder
Susan McMahan
Suzanne and Matthew Lawton
Tammy Triglianos
Tara Mitchell
Terrence Tan
Thad Duncan
Thomas and Vickie Bowen
Tiffany M. Turner
Tim and Christina M. CoyneSmith
Timothy Crone
Timothy P. Dienes
Towa Teague
Tracy P. Somers
Victoria Gillispie
W. C. Connor
W. H. and Katherine C. Walton
W. K. and Margaret Rollins
Walker and Rose Long
Wayne Bosman
Wells Fargo Foundation Educational Matching Gifts
Wendy and Byron Rose
William and Gayle Jenkins
William and Pamela Hackleman
William and Phyllis Gay
William Forte
William G. Rudd
Woojin Jeong
Xueying Qin
Yan Wang
Yijing Pan
Yina Li
Zachary Dvorak