Morehead Planetarium & Science Center, as a unit of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, has suspended public operations until further notice because of ongoing Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) concerns. You can read our full statement here. While you’re here, check out Morehead At Home, an online hub of resources for you to enjoy at home!

Science on Stage

Science on Stage

Bring energetic live science demonstrations to your school or community

Science on Stage will captivate your audience with interactive experiments and demonstrations performed by a Morehead educator in your gym, auditorium, or outdoor stage.

Program content is aligned to NC education standards, making Science on Stage a fun and unique way to supplement classroom learning and deepen learning for young explorers.

Science on Stage

For Grades K-5

Length: 45 or 60 minutes

Maximum Participants: 200 students per session

Maximum Sessions: 2 per day

45 minutes

Learn about forces and motion as we launch rockets and make objects levitate in midair. Experiment with phase changes using balloons and bubbles, perform chemical reactions to create cascades of colorful foam, and so much more. This show will have younger audiences on the edge of their seats as we introduce them to the wonderful world of science.

60 minutes

Explore Newton’s laws of motion with “magic” tricks and rocket launches, then conduct hair-raising experiments with electricity using a Van De Graaff generator. Learn about human body systems with a digital microscope, discover phase changes with liquid nitrogen, and more. We’ll even perform a chemical reaction to create a giant, colorful foam explosion as our grand finale! This dynamic show will amaze your students while reinforcing key scientific concepts.

Base Fees

  • One-day visit: $300
  • Each additional, consecutive day: $200 per day

Travel Fees

  • Sites within 90 miles of Chapel Hill: $50 per day
  • Sites more than 90 miles from Chapel Hill: $200 per day

Scholarship assistance is available pending qualifications.

  • 2 sessions per day
  • Maximum of 200 students per session
  • Minimum of 30 minutes between sessions to reset

This program requires a space that can accommodate 200 students and has access to power outlets. A gym, multipurpose room, or auditorium is recommended.

Your Morehead educator will arrive 90 minutes before your first program begins to set up and will need to stay one hour after the last show ends to pack up. The space must be available for the full duration of that time.

Carla Robinson | Community Outreach Educator