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Science in the Summer™ FAQs

Got Questions?

We’ve got answers. Read below for frequently asked questions about Science in the Summer™.

Girl in lab coat and goggles.

Your child will not be required to wear a mask; however, we encourage campers and staff to wear a mask. We invite you to explore our digital activities at SIS at Home as an alternative to our in-person program if you are interested.

Fortunately, there is good news! You and your family will have access to downloadable, printable SIS activities that will engage your child while at home. We have selected activities that use household items which we hope will make them easier to complete.

Registration will close on April 29, 2022.

Yes! For information, please visit to access step-by-step activity instructions.

If you completed and submitted your registrations and forms you will automatically receive confirmation emails. Please check your spam folder for email messages from “GSK Science in the Summer” or from “” or” addresses.

Log in to your online Active Network account using the password you submitted on the registration form.

If you registered your child for the incorrect level, email to cancel the existing registration. You’ll need to complete the registration process again to properly register your child for the correct level.

A parent, guardian or approved adult must:

  1. Enter the SIS classroom with your child,
  2. Verify your identity by presenting a government-issued photo identification to the SIS educator, and
  3. Sign your child IN at drop-off and OUT at pick-up each day. Please allow adequate time to complete this process.

PLEASE NOTE: The SIS educator is the only person permitted to check identification and facilitate the sign-in/sign-out process. Library staff members and high school assistants cannot do so.

During registration, please provide the names of two parents or legal guardians AND up to five other adults to drop off and pick up your child from SIS. Adults must be 18 or older. Only individuals on this list will be able to drop off and pick up your child.

You will be able to make changes to your list using the online account created during registration until April 29, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. After that time, you must email the Science in the Summer Office to make any additional changes to the list of approved adults.

The list of approved individuals is final at 12 pm on the Thursday before your child’s SIS session begins. There are no exceptions.

Your child can participate in a session designed for the grade level they will enter in fall 2022 to ensure the best possible academic and social environment for all participants. No exceptions.

We pride ourselves on adapting to the educational needs of each child and are happy to discuss your child’s needs. Since we prefer to know about all needs before camp begins to assist with planning and staff training, please provide detailed information about special needs on the registration form.

If you would like to coordinate with us in addition to this form, please contact the camp coordinator at and indicate you have special camp needs in the subject line. You may also call the camp office directly at 919.843.9379.