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Galileo: The Power of the Telescope

Galileo looking to the stars with his telescope and text reading "Galileo: The Power of the Telescope"

Four hundred years ago, an Italian scientist named Galileo Galilei adopted an amazing new invention – the telescope – and systematically studied the heavens in detail for the very first time in history. Using this optical wonder, “The Father of Modern Science” ushered in a revolution of scientific discovery that continues to this day. Throughout the ensuing centuries, our view of the cosmos, enhanced through larger and ever more sophisticated telescopes, has expanded dramatically, far exceeding the narrow view of the universe held by humanity for millennia before Galileo.

In addition to examining his revolutionary studies of the sky, "Galileo: The Power of the Telescope" transports audiences back in time to Pisa, Italy, to witness Galileo's earliest experiments with gravity and the laws of motion. Viewers will share in his greatest discoveries and experience how one man can truly shape the future of science.

This fulldome planetarium show is narrated by Dava Sobel, author of the award-winning biography "Galileo's Daughter," and is an original production of the Daniel M. Soref Planetarium at the Milwaukee Public Museum.

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