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NC Essential Standards Correlation - Take Flight


Science Correlations

1.P.1 Understand how forces (pushes or pulls) affect the motion of an object.

  • 1.P.1.1 Explain the importance of a push or pull to changing the motion of an object.
  • 1.P.1.2 Explain how some forces (pushes and pulls) can be used to make things move without touching them, such as magnets.
  • 1.P.1.3 Predict the effect of a given force on the motion of an object, including balanced forces.


Science Correlations

3.P.1 Understand motion and factors that affect motion.

  • 3.P.1.1 Infer changes in speed or direction resulting from forces acting on an object.
  • 3.P.1.2 Compare the relative speeds (faster or slower) of objects that travel the same distance in different amounts of time.


Social Studies/History Correlations

4.G.1 Understand how human, environmental and technological factors affect the growth and development of North Carolina.

  • G.1.1 Summarize changes that have occurred in North Carolina since statehood (population growth, transportation, communication and land use).


Science Correlations

7.P.1 Understand motion, the effects of forces on motion and the graphical representations of motion.

  • 7.P.1.2 Explain the effects of balanced and unbalanced forces acting on an object (including friction, gravity and magnets).


Social Studies/History Correlations

8.H.3 Understand the factors that contribute to change and continuity in North Carolina and the United States.

  • H.3.2 Explain how changes brought about by technology and other innovations affected individuals and groups in North Carolina and the United States (e.g. advancements in transportation, communication networks and business practices).