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The Longest Night: A Winter's Tale

"The Longest Night: A Winter's Tale" is a one-of-a-kind fulldome planetarium show that captures its audience with a timeless fable of courage, generosity and renewal. Its story explores the concept that winter is a time for Earth to rest, waiting for new growth in the spring.

Its star, a young girl born into a family of nomadic storytellers, embarks on a simple quest that leads her to a dragon's nest. What will she discover there, and how will it help her save her village?

Morehead collaborated with Paperhand Puppet Intervention to develop the story and visuals of "The Longest Night." The Morehead production team seamlessly wove together live-action video of Paperhand's world-class puppeteers with beautiful and intricate fulldome animation to create this innovative and imaginative show. Its cast and crew comprised dozens of puppeteers and production professionals, and The Paperhand Band created original music for the show.

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This show has not yet been evaluated to determine North Carolina Essential Standards correlations. Some educators have reported that it offers content appropriate for the study of fables within literature.

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