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Science LIVE! All Systems Go

What does it mean to be alive?  What do our skin and hair look like when magnified?  Why do our muscles get sore during exercise?  How fast does our brain work?  How much energy does our body use each day?  The answers to these questions and more are found in our Science Live show, “All Systems Go”!

Science LIVE! Magnificent Matter

Matter is all around us every single day, changing phases and states and even making brand new substances!

In our “Magnificent Matter” show, learn about how the three states of matter are related and how they can change from one into another.  We’ll take a look at non-Newtonian Fluids, learn about substances that love water and things that are absolutely terrified of it, and even light a few things on FIRE to learn about chemistry!

Science LIVE! Phenomenal Physics

Physics tends to frighten off a lot of people young and old, but our “Phenomenal Physics” show makes physics approachable and (most-importantly) FUN!

How heavy is the air around us?  What can one nail do that nine hundred can’t?  Our “Phenomenal Physics” show puts tons of science under pressure and shows off just how amazing physics can be when it gets moving.  We also show off and do demonstrations with the coolest thing you will ever see in your entire life.  No joke.  It’s seriously that cool.

Science LIVE! Under Pressure

We put science under pressure in this show. We’ll demonstrate Bernoulli’s principle with a 10-foot-long bag and just your breath, demonstrate how much air weighs by crushing a can, try to burst balloons with hundreds of nails, and make a huge combustion in our “whoosh bottle.”

ScienceLIVE! Science Showtime

For your very young scientists, we'll demonstrate some of Morehead's most exciting science experiments. The audience will learn how we experiment with different materials and see how much fun science can really be!

ScienceLIVE! programs provide audience members with an opportunity to learn about contemporary research that scientists conduct about about our world. Each ScienceLIVE! program is designed for hands-on involvement and provide opportunities for audience participation.

Best For

Ages 4 and older

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