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Teacher Resources - Magic Tree House

Web Sites

Operated under the direction of NASA, Star Child is a learning center for young astronomers. It provides information on the solar system and universe. It is a good place to start researching space topics. Information is provided on two different developmental levels, making this site a good choice for students of all ages.

Astro for Kids 
This site, hosted by Astronomy.com, is a student-friendly introduction to the Solar System. While the graphics are cartoon-ish, the information contained on the pages for each planet is appropriate for upper elementary and middle school students.

A Virtual Tour of the Universe
Students created this site - an interactive journey in our Universe! This site uses flash animation to simulate a space flight and also features information about each planet.

NASA Kids 
NASA's site for students contains a wealth of information. Activities related to our Earth, astronauts living in space, and rockets and airplanes are included. The opportunity for students to post their own artwork - poems, drawings - is also provided on this site.

Research and Information Skills

Magic Tree House® Research Guides 
Author: Will Osborne and Mary Pope Osborne 
Publisher: Random House 
These research guides, written by Mary Pope Osborne and Will Osborne, provide factual information that relates to the people and places that Jack and Annie visit during their Magic Treehouse adventures. These books are written in a way that is accessible to young students. Currently, there are nine research guides, including: Dolphins and Storms, Twisters and Other Weather, Titanic, Space, Rainforests, Pirates, Mummies and Pyramids, Knights and Castles, and Dinosaurs.

Armando Asked “Why?” 
Author: Jay Hulbert, Sid Kantor, and Pat Hoggan 
Publisher: Alicat, 1995 
Armando, a curious boy, always asks “Why?” A visit to the library helps him answer his questions. This picture book introduces children to the library as a source for “finding out” the answers to one's questions. Appropriate for young children.

Writer's Express 
Authors: Kemper, Sebranek, and Elsholz 
Publisher: Great Source Education Group, 1999 
This handbook, most appropriate for upper elementary students, provides practical information about completing research projects, including choosing a topic, figuring out which sources to use, and developing a final “product” or report. Examples are provided.

Eyewitness Series 
Publisher: Eyewitness Books 
Africa, Cowboys, Flying Machine, and Pirates are just a few titles in this extensive series of informational books for children. Color pictures and an index help children navigate mini-chapters of information pertinent to each title.

About the Authors and Series

The Official Magic Tree House® Web Site 
Maintained by Random House, this Web site corresponds with the series. Included on this site are descriptions of the books, information about the author, and news stories relating to Magic Tree House. Students can also sign up for the readers and writers club. Special activities, including the Time Slider Challenge, will engage students.

Mary Pope Osborne's Personal Web Page 
This site, maintained by Mary Pope Osborne, relays that author's perspective on the Magic Tree House books and characters, as well as her other books and series. Each month, Mary Pope Osborne posts a newsletter that tells about her current work and future plans. The style is conversational and directed at readers of the series.


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