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Teacher Resources - Earth Moon & Sun

Web Sites

Amazing Space
Hosted by the Space Telescope Science Institute, this site is a resource of tools used to teach about space. Graphic organizers, lithographs, timelines, and fast facts are just some of the features of this site. By clicking on the solar system link of this page, you will find a list of all nine planets. Each link includes fast facts in addition to a “how to use it in the classroom” feature.

Human Space Flight
Explore manned space flight on this site, hosted by NASA. Detailed information about specific missions, station programs, and launch programs is provided.

The Moon: A Resource Guide
This is a Moon resource guide for teachers that provides numerous links for keeping track of the Moon's phases and for oberserving the Moon. It also includes links to other teacher Web sites that help teachers to better understand astronomy, planets and the Moon. Various education topics and activities are also listed throughout the Web site for teachers to use with their students.

Moon, Stars, Planets, Solar System
This site includes activities, suggested children’s’ books, and links for students and teachers. Activities for many grade levels are listed.

Phases of the Moon
From the U.S. Naval Observatory, this is an excellent Web site for teachers to learn more about the different phases of the Moon and why they exist. It provides detailed pictures of each separate phase of the Moon to aid in better knowledge of the subject area.

The Teacher's Corner
Numerous activities about a variety of space-related topics are listed on this site.

The Tilting of the Earth: Shaping Our Seasons and Climates
With detailed pictures and a detailed explantaion of why the tilting of the Earth shapes our climates, this Web site aids in the understanding of the orbits of the Earth during all the seasons. It also gives useful links to topics about equinox and solstice, an overview of the solar system, axis tilt and misconceptions about Sun-Earth science.

Windows to the Universe
A fantastic resource for teachers and students alike, this Web site helps teachers learn more about the Earth and space sciences. Unique in that it offers teachers guides written on three reading levels approximating elementary, middle and high school; also translated into Spanish. It contains a rich array of documents, including images, movies, animations, and data sets that explore the Earth and space sciences while making historical and cultural ties between science, exploration and the human experience.


The Cambridge Photographic Guide to the Planets 
Author: Fredric W. Taylor 
Publisher: Cambridge University Press; Revised and Updated edition, 2002
ISBN: 0521781833 
Description: Taylor, who has worked with NASA and the European Space Agency, devotes a chapter to each of the eight planets and other bodies in space. The book includes color pictures from space and captions to explain them.

The NASA Atlas of the Solar System 
Author: Ronald Greeley and Raymond Batson 
Publisher: Cambridge University Press, December 1996 
ASIN: 0521561272 
Description: This book presents maps of the different bodies of outer space and is written in a readable manner. It gives an overview of all the planets. In the appendix, there are tables and charts that give basic information about the planets and a glossary of terms.

Astronomy Demystified 
Author: Stan Gibilisco 
Publisher: McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics, 2002 
ISBN: 0071384278 
Description: This book is a great resource for all the facts about astronomy. Morehead Planetarium and Science Center staff members refer to it often! It includes information about the Sun, planets, Earth and just about everything else in the world. There are diagrams, but no color pictures. It is a great informational resource.

Don’t Know Much About Space 
Author: Kenneth C. Davis 
Publisher: Harper Collins 2001 
ISBN: 0064408353 
Description: In this book, there are brief explanations about all kinds of interesting topics about space. The book is arranged in questions and answer format so it is perfect for studying up on all of those tough questions students ask

Our Solar System 
Author: Seymour Simon 
Publisher: William Morrow, September 1992 
ISBN: 0688099920 
Description: Aimed towards high school students, this book makes a great resource for classroom research about the solar system.

Rock N Learn Solar 
Author: Melissa and Brad Caudle 
Publisher: Rock N Learn, June 1997 
ISBN: 1878489607 
Description: This book provides songs and rhymes that will help your students remember the order of the planets and facts about each one.

3-D Thrillers! Solar System 
Author: Marc Tyler Nobleman 
Publisher: Discovery Kids, June 2001 
ISBN: 0525464697 
Description: We all know children love 3-D. This book, which comes with 3-D glasses, takes you on a tour of the solar system.

The Everything Kids Space Book: All About Rockets, Moon Landings, Mars, and More Plus Space Activities You Can Do at Home! (Everything Kids Series) 
Author: Kathiann M. Kowalski 
Publisher: Adams Media Corporation, October 2000 
ISBN: 1580623956 
While marketed for home use, this book, which has numerous hands on activities, is appropriate for classroom use as well.