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Scout Programs

Morehead Planetarium and Science Center is pleased to partner with the Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts to offer astronomy programming designed specifically to help these groups with badgework and other goals.

General Information

  • Programs are held rain or shine.
  • Due to time constraints, weather and the needs of individual scouts, educators may need to make some changes to the workshop, which may prevent the completion of all badge requirements.
  • All Scouts under the age of 16 must be accompanied by adults - Scout leaders, parents or guardians - who are age 21 or older.

Registration and Fees


  • Boy Scouts: Click the link beside the program date to register.
  • Girl Scouts: Contact with Desmine Burton with Coastal Pines Council for Girl Scouts and Brownies to register.

For Boy Scout workshops, payment is due at the time of registration. If you need to add additional scouts later, you may register again with the additional scouts.


  • Boy Scout Workshops: $15/scout, $10/adult (one adult free with each group of 8 or more scouts)
  • Girl Scout Overnights: Contact Desmine Burton with Coastal Pines Council for Girl Scouts and Brownies for info.

Boy Scout Schedule

Astronomy Merit Badge Workshop - Boy Scouts

Scouts will work toward requirements for the astronomy merit badge as they model our Earth, Moon, and Sun; identify constellations in a simulated night sky; and use telescopes and binoculars to explore the real night sky. Additionally, they will discuss light pollution and learn about how to follow the ecliptic path of the planets in our Solar System. (Please note, that we do not sign Blue Cards at MPSC).

Workshops are scheduled 6-8:30 p.m.

Please note:

  • Scouts will complete most of the requirements for the astronomy merit badge at this workshop. Supplemental Resources
  • During this workshop, Morehead educators will help scouts complete requirements 2, 3, 4a, 4b, 5c, 5d (weather permitting), 6d, 8a and 8b (partially: this is a 25-minute observation).

STEM/Nova Astronomy Workshop​ - Cub Scouts

Cub scouts will complete requirements 1A, 3B, 3F, and 4A for the “Out of This World” module. They will "travel" through our Solar System and into our Milky Way galaxy in the simulated sky of the planetarium, locate and identify celestial bodies with telescopes, learn all about why years and days are different lengths on different planets, and the different types of eclipses that happen on Earth and the Moon.

Workshops are scheduled 6-8:30 p.m.

Girl Scouts Schedule

Reach for the Stars!

This is a one-of-a-kind science adventure for Girl Scouts! Fall asleep under the stars where the weather's always perfect. Explore science in a fun, exciting environment. After participating in a “Science Live!” you’ll eat dinner, play a game and observe the night sky with telescopes…then fall asleep in the planetarium under a cloudless "sky" of beautiful stars! The next morning you'll wake up, eat breakfast, participate in a hands-on activities and watch a planetarium show before going home.

Brownie Overnight

  • February 8 - 9, 2019

Junior Overnight

  • February 22 - 23, 2019

Workshops are 6 p.m.-10 a.m.

Night Owl

What better place to stay up late than the planetarium where the stars always shine bright? You can earn the Girl Scout “Night Owl” Cadette Badge when you join us for a night of sky watching with telescopes and nocturnal hunting on UNC’s campus. You’ll also meet an astronomer, make light-up accessories, watch a show in our Fulldome Theater and more! With these activities plus dinner, a campfire snack and breakfast, this event is sure to be a real HOOT!

Cadette Overnight

  • January 25 - 26, 2019

Workshops are 6 p.m.-10 a.m.

Girl Scouts Contact

To register for a Girl Scout workshop, please contact Desmine Burton with Girl Scouts – North Carolina Costal Pines at 919-600-6335 .