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Virtual STEMville

Student working on science project

Virtual workshops with Morehead educators and NC scientists

Will you take Astronomy Avenue to get to STEMville? Will you stop by the Scientist Block Party on your way?

On this epic journey, students will explore a variety of STEM concepts through engaging virtual workshop sessions with Morehead educators and scientists from our state. We’ll use special planetarium software to learn about the sky and other current astronomy topics. We’ll conduct exciting science experiments in our lab, and talk with scientists about different scientific methods for their research.

But the fun won’t stop there! Read below for more program details.

Virtual STEMville

For Grades K-12

Length: 45 minutes
Maximum Participants: None
Maximum Sessions: 3

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In this Virtual STEMville experience, participants will view a 360° planetarium show, explore current astronomy topics, learn about hidden science stories, and observe our night sky using planetarium software.

Morehead astronomers and guest scientists may also provide live Q&A and additional activities and resources for further at-home science enrichment.  

Elementary School (grades K-5)
These standards-aligned lessons will focus on objects in our solar system, how they move and change over time, and how they fit together to make our place in space so great. 

Middle/High School (grades 6-12)
These standards-aligned lessons will focus on current space missions, aeronautics, and the exploration of the solar system and beyond. Groups will also have the opportunity to dive deeper into current Physics/Astronomy topics. These lessons will focus on topics ranging from navigating our sky with seasonal constellations to exploring the nature of black holes.

This program’s duration is 45 minutes.

NOTE: This program is currently unavailable for Spring and early Summer 2022. Check back soon for availability in late Summer/Fall 2022.

Best For: Grades 3-12

Join the dynamic duo of educator and scientist while they conduct a fun scientific demonstration or activity for your students! Your students will meet a real scientist and learn about their path to becoming a scientist and how they use the scientific method in their research!

This program’s duration is 45 minutes.   

  • Sessions will be held via Zoom meetings/webinars. Links and instructions on how to access the virtual session will be sent upon confirmation of your reservation.
  •  There is no minimum or maximum attendance requirements for the program.
  • Payment is due one (1) week prior to your program date. Public K-12 schools, charter schools, and state or local agencies may request Net 30 terms.
  • Cancellations must be submitted one week in advance. Cancellations submitted less than a week in advance are due in full.
Educators & Other Groups


$125 + tax for 1 session


$325 + tax for 3 sessions

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