Explora Las Estrellas

Explore the stars at home with our new bilingual astronomy kit

To facilitate your at-home exploration, we’ve designed an interactive kit, complete with:

  • Storybook featuring Latin American sky stories
  • Moon Phases
  • Spectroscope
  • Sundial
  • Star Finder

This kit is ideal for students in grades 2 through 7.

a look inside opened kit

Guided Learning

With the help of Dr. Enrique Gomez, Associate Professor of Physics & Astronomy at Western Carolina University, we have four instructional videos in Spanish on our YouTube. We recommend this resource for bilingual students; students who have the ability to read closed captioning; or if an adult is helping a student use the kit.

Click on each individual image below to view Spanish-language instruction videos on how to use the kit activities.

Espectroscopio | Spectroscope
Oreo moon phases
star finder