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Lesson Links - Carolina Skies

How Old Are the Stars?
This lesson will help students understand the life cycle of stars and how scientists can gauge the life of stars thousands of light years away.

Sky Watching
This lesson is designed to help students get a feel for nighttime observation, as well as to help them understand the difficulties that early astronomers went through while trying to map the night sky. It also provides a way for your students to compare telescopic images of celestial objects with their own naked eye observation.

Too Bright at Night?
This lesson correlates to the Sky Watching lesson listed above. Students will explore the causes of light pollution and how it can be minimized.

Heavens Above
This lesson will help the student learn about the change of stellar positions in the night sky through the years as well as how location on the globe can determine where the stars appear in the sky.

How Big Is That Star?
This lesson will help students learn to manipulate mathematical formulas to determine the size of stars in our galaxy.