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This form is used for both schools and groups, so if you are requesting for a household or non-school group, you’re in the right place! If there are questions in the form that apply to schools, either leave them blank or answer N/A.

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* EDUCATORS: If you are unfamiliar with our available programs, please make sure you’ve reviewed the most current Teacher’s Guide and/or our list of planetarium shows to help you identify which activities you are interested in for your visit. 

  1. Identify a list of dates that your school/group is unable to visit Morehead (teacher workdays, holidays, testing dates, spring break, track-out dates, etc). This will help us narrow down alternative visit dates in case your first three dates are unavailable.
  2. Confirm with your school how fees will be paid and provide information on the online request form below.
  3. Complete and submit the form below with information about your group.

Before you proceed

If you are trying to request a visit to the Space Science Center at Morehead State University in Tennessee, you are in the wrong place! This is a request form to visit Morehead Planetarium & Science Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Please visit Morehead State University Space Science Center’s website for info on how to book reservations there.

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