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Teen Science Cafe Archive

You can learn more about the current Open Minds: Teen Science Café program by clicking here. Want to know about past programs? You'll find a complete list of every past program here on this page.

Previous Speakers


  • September: Mitch Prinstein || POPULAR: The Power of Likability in a Status-Obsessed World
  • May: Zach Nasipak, UNC grad student in Physics and Astronomy || Black Holes & Gravitational Waves
  • April: Amy Sayle || Anyone Out There? The Search for Life in the Universe
  • March: UNC Neuroscience Students || Neuroscience Escape Room in a Box
  • February: UNC Geology Club || Households to Hazards: Geology in Everyday Life
  • January: Dr. Ilona Jaspers || E-cigarettes: A good thing? Or not so good?


  • December: Tony Rice || Screening of "The Martian" 
  • October: Chris Apple || A World With Bees
  • September: Gulden Othman || Mining for Dark Matter
  • February: Dr. Britta Jones || Beyond Genetics: Epigenetics in Autoimmunity


  • December: Dr. Donita Robinson || Screening of "Concussion"
  • October: The Science of Meditation 
  • May: William Richards || The Walking Petri Dish
  • April: Nick Law || Sky Surveys & Exoplanets
  • March: Dr. Donita L. Robinson || How the brain 'codes' reward
  • February: Dr. Mark Peifer || How to build an animal—some self-assembly required
  • January: 2D Anginelle Alabanza, Kaci Kuntz and Dan Druffel || Nanomaterials


  • December: Black Holes and Beyond
  • November: Whit McMillan || Secrets of Sea Shells
  • October: Tony Rice || Astronomy Updates with Tony Rice
  • May: Andrew George || Teen Science Fiction Movie Night: The Day After Tomorrow
  • March: Mario Ciocca || Sports Medicine - What a Hit!....Oh No, He is Not Getting Up
  • February: Elise Rice || Psychology of Love - Always on my Mind
  • January: Chris Clemens || Astrophysics - Rubble in our Solar System and Beyond


  • October: Dr. David McNelis || Why Not Nuclear Energy?
  • September: Dr. Mike Willis || Mysteries of the Greenland Ice Sheet  
  • June: Dr. Mark Heise || Science Fiction Movie Night: Contagion
  • March: Dr. Roland Kays || Simple Rules to Move By: Coordinated Movement in Groups of Animals and Teenagers
  • January: Dr. Keith Payne || How Inequality Affects People's Thinking and Behavior


  • November: Dr. Russ Taylor || What is Virtual Reality Good For?
  • October: Dr. Bill Goldman || Plague: New Lessons from an Ancient Disease
  • September: Dr. Rich McLaughlin & Dr. Roberto Camassa || Making Waves: Fluid Dynamics of Layered Fluids
  • August: Paleontologists Kate Dzikiewicz & Alison Moyer || Teen Science Fiction Movie Night: Jurassic Park
  • April: Dr. Apurva Dave || Exploring Life in Our Oceans
  • March: Dr. Dan Ksepka || Assembling the Tree of Life: How We Know Birds Are Modern Day Dinosaurs