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Save a Seat for Science

Honor Someone Special. Memorialize a Loved One. Treat Yourself. Invest in One of the Best Seats in North Carolina!

Morehead Planetarium and Science Center is a beloved and revered place. Under its dome, the night sky was recreated so astronauts could train. Nobel laureates were honored. Perhaps most important, day in and day out, it gives thousands of North Carolina students and visitors an overarching sense of the wonders and vastness of space and the science all around us.

Now, as part of Morehead’s #TakeUpSpace visitor experience project, the GlaxoSmithKline Fulldome will be prepared to set a new stage. Upgrades will include re-surfacing the Fulldome for optimal show projection. And, its 220 seats will be replaced with the latest in design for both comfort and viewing perspective.

For $5,000, each seat will have its own plaque affixed to the armrest and engraved with the donor’s name. If donors wish to honor or remember someone other than themselves, that will be acknowledged, as well. You will truly #TakeUpSpace as part of the visitor experience upgrade, which will transform Morehead according to the needs and expectations of today’s students and visitors. Your dedicated seat contribution generally supports this comprehensive upgrade. It will help fund exciting new educational and exhibit spaces and programs.

Adam Phelps, External Relations Manager | 919-962-7012