Science in the Summer | Registration

Registration must be completed online. Each child can only register for one SIS session per summer. Click here for directions on how to register. 


Registration will reopen in March 2019.

Registration Process

Registration is a two-step process. All steps must be completed for valid registration. Sessions that are not open will not appear.

1. Online Registration Form

Online registration is through Active Network. Only available sessions will appear on the registration webpage. Sessions that are not open or are filled will not appear.

  • Click “Register Now” button at the top of this page.
  • Complete online registration form
  • Receive a follow-up email from “GSK Science in the Summer” (~15 minutes after online form completion, check spam filter)

2. Participant Release Forms

Online participant release forms are completed through DocuSign. Digital signatures are legally binding. Forms must be complete and correct for valid registration.

  • You will receive a follow-up email from “GSK Science in the Summer” that includes the link to the participant release forms after the registration form is submitted.
  • Complete participant release forms within 72 hours of completing the registration information form. (Incomplete forms cancel online registration)
  • If your child is added to the waitlist, you will receive the release form once she or he is enrolled in a session.  You will have 72 hours from the email notification of enrollment to complete the release form.  Once a child is confirmed for a session, they will be removed from other session waitlists.

You will receive a confirmation email after all forms have been reviewed, up to 21 days after submission. Failure to complete forms will result in the cancelation of the registration. Staff cannot confirm registration by phone or email inquiry due to the high volume of registrations.


  • Registrations are accepted in the order they are received. Each session will include 10 additional waitlist spaces.
  • All information provided in registration forms must be complete and accurate.
  • A child can only participate in one session per summer.
  • To change sessions, email to cancel the original registration, then register for a new session.
  • To cancel a registration, email with the child’s name, session location, session level, date of session, and time of session.
  • Children must be registered for the appropriate level.
  • Only parents or legal guardians can register a child.
  • Only parents or legal guardians can complete the participant release forms. Digital signatures must include the parent or guardian’s first and last name. The link to your child’s release form will be sent via email after the registration is submitted. The information on the release form must match the information on the registration form in order to be valid.

SIS reserves the right to cancel a registration if policies have been violated.


After the initial spaces are filled, the next 10 registrations for a session will automatically be placed on the waitlist. A child can be on multiple waitlists. All forms must be filled out for each session registration. If an opening occurs, you will receive an email that includes the release form after the child is enrolled in a session.  You will have 72 hours from the email notification of enrollment to complete the release form. Once a child is confirmed for a session, the child will be removed from remaining session waitlists.


SIS program coordinator*
*Please note that the program coordinator cannot register your child by phone or confirm registration by phone or email.