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Black Holes: Journey into the Unknown

Imagine a place where time stands still, where the universal order breaks down, where the unimaginable becomes reality.

It's no longer the stuff of science fiction — this planetarium show brings to life all that is fascinating and extreme in the world of black holes!

Witness what would happen if you got too close to one. See how a black hole is able to warp time and space. Discover what science has taught us about these phenomena ... and what we must still learn.

"Black Holes: Journey into the Unknown" is narrated by Academy Award-winning actor Geoffrey Rush and produced by Museum Victoria.

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Available in Spanish

This show is available in Spanish for field trips and other group reservations. Morehead offers two options for Spanish translations:

  1. The show can be presented in Spanish for the entire audience.
  2. Morehead can provide assistive listening devices (headsets) for a Spanish translation (currently serving up to 9 students) while the show is presented in English.

If you need one of these options for your class, please discuss this with Morehead Reservations when you are requesting your field trip reservation.

The second option is available to any Morehead visitor with advance notice.

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