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Science on Your Street at the 2018 Gravity Games

In a SOYS program, a Morehead educator will guide your group through a unique science lesson that will challenge them to use teamwork and creativity to accomplish their goals. When accompanied by the GSK Science on Your Street educational vehicle, we can set up a classroom wherever you would like—from the classroom, to the gym, to the parking lot! SOYS lessons combine basic scientific fields such as anatomy and electronics with the freedom and innovation necessary to imagine and build an original creation. Hands on experiences and cutting edge technology work together with SOYS, encouraging students to discover STEM through the power of their own curiosity. What will your students create?

SOYS Activities | Fees and Requirements

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SOYS Activities

Science on Your Street activities are standards aligned and recommended for specific grade levels. However, the program may be adapted for high school students, afterschool groups as well as special events.

Upgrade Your Habitat

Learn about circuits and use Little Bits to mimic household appliances and tools. Design your own Little Bits invention.
Recommended for grades 4-8 (Standards: 4-PS3-2, 4-PS3-4, 3-5-EST1-1, MS-PS2-3, 7.P.2.3).

Chariot Races

Discuss the use of chariots in different cultures throughout history before designing and building your own. Drive a Sphero robot to test the efficiency of your chariot.
Recommended for grades 4-8 (Standards: 3-5-EST1-1, 3-5-ETS1-2, 3-5-ETS1-3, MS-PS4-3, 5.P.1.1, 6.H.1.3, 6.H.2.3).

Mission: International Space Station

Simulate an astronaut team’s extravehicular mission (EVA) outside of the International Space Station. Discuss the importance of robots. Design a robot model for use in outer space. 
Recommended for grades 6-8 (Standards: MS-ETS1-1, MS-ETS1-4).

Cosmic Coding

Journey through space and time to learn about scientists from different backgrounds who helped explore our solar system and beyond! Use a Sphero robot to chart your own course and practice coding.
Recommended for grades 4-8

Fees and Requirements

  Base Fee Base Time Extended Fee MAX. sessions/day Session length
One-day visit* $375 1 day $300/additional day 3 75-90 mins.
One-day afterschool visit* $275 2 hrs. $75/additional hour 2 60 mins.
Weekend/evening event $300 2 hrs. $75/additional hour 1 2 hrs. 








*Thirty maximum students per session for one-day visit and one-day afterschool visit. 
*Travel fee of $50 for within 90 miles; $200 outside 90 miles

Special Events

Do you have a special event or birthday party?! What about a community event, a street fair, festival, or Scout program? Let the Science on Your Street team bring activities to you for your special day. All of our activities can be transported and set up at your event space. Make your event out of this world with fun, science-filled activities. Request SOYS for your special event now! 

Request a Visit

  • Submit a request at the link at the top of the page.
  • Confirm with your school how fees will be paid and provide information on the online request form.
  • Scheduling for visits is based on remaining availability.
  • If selected to receive a SOYS visit, Morehead will send a notification email with visit dates and guidelines.

Cancellation Policy

Visits canceled two weeks prior to visit date are eligible for a refund of fees. Visits canceled less than two weeks prior to visit date are not eligible for a refund of fees. Morehead may waive this policy if the visit is canceled due to school closure for inclement weather, fire or other emergency condition.

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