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UNC Science Expo

2017 UNC Science Expo

Mark your calendar! The 2018 UNC Science Expo is almost here. We are excited to be bringing more exhibitors than ever to this event. You may even get a chance to meet Kelvin! 


April 14, 2018

11 a.m.-4 p.m.

"Outbreak: A Neuroscience Escape Room in a Box"

“There has been an outbreak of a virus across the US! The virus is known as "Giggluenza" and attacks the brain and leads to uncontrollable laughter. The CDC has searched day and night for an answer with no success, so they are turning to you, leading neuroscience researchers, to find the cure! Try your go at hypothesis testing and experimental design to see if you can find the cure. If you don't find the cure in the next 30 minutes, then you will be infected so work quickly!

Register Now, only 30 spots available. Must be middle school aged or older.

Tour Schedule (all tours will leave from the Old Well):

UNC Department of Physics and Astronomy: Get a firsthand look at world reknown research in physics and astronomy.
- 11:30/12:00/12:30/1:00/1:30/2:00
Department of Marine Sciences at UNC-Chapel Hill: Learn how marine scientists attempt to understand and predict changes in marine systems - and their effects on humans and other organisms - via a 36 meter wave tank.
- 11:30/12:30/3:30
BEAM Be A Maker: The makerspace student group will provide hands-on making activities that are appropriate for all ages. 
- 12:00/1:00/2:00/3:00
Department of Biology at UNC-Chapel Hill: Visitors will walk through the greenhouse and get an idea of how a greenhouse works and what UNC is working on in the plant industry.
- 12:00/1:00
UNC Chemistry: Dive into the explosive world of chemistry with this exciting tour of UNC's chemistry labs. 
- 12:00/1:30/3:00
UNC Department of Exercise and Sports Science: Tour the MOTION Sports Science Institute, The Gfeller Sport Related TBI Research Center (Concussion), and the Applied Physiology Laboratory. On the tour you'll see demonstrations and have opportunities to participate in various human movement and sport science activities.
- 12:30/1:00/1:30/2:00/2:30 
UNC Department of Psychology and Neuroscience: Tour the Departments of Psychology and Neuroscience during the UNC Science Expo. Experience the exciting world of the brain and how it works.
- 11:30/12:30/1:30

Additional Information

  • Admission is free to this event.
  • No registration required.
  • Food trucks will be on-site for lunch, snacks and drinks.
  • Bring your own water bottle to enjoy fresh, clean water from the Blue Green Machine water purifying system.
  • Restrooms are available in the Campus Y building, Phillips, Chapman and Sitterson Halls. Portable toilets are located at each end of Cameron Avenue.
  • Free parking: Stadium Drive, Cobb parking deck, Nash, Park Place and Bell Tower parking lots. Paid parking: At metered street spaces or at the Rosemary Street parking decks.
  • Bus and car parking: On Skipper Bowles Drive near the Dean Smith Center; catch the free U bus to campus. 

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