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Discovery Classes

Students in a Discovery Class.

Discovery Classes are hands-on, minds-on learning experiences designed specifically for school groups visiting Morehead. These interactive classes add an exciting dimension to any school visit. 

Programs Offered

Round and Round We Go

Get ready to move as we explore the relationship between Earth, Moon and Sun in this highly interactive and kinesthetic class. Why does the Moon’s shape seem to change? Why do different constellations appear at different times of the year? We’ll answer these questions and more as we “dance the night away.” One of Morehead’s most popular offerings!

Solar Systematics

What does our Solar System really look like? How do we know? In this hands-on adventure, students become NASA engineers as they design, build and test interplanetary landers that are needed to explore rocky worlds like Mars. Then they jump on board NASA’s Kepler Mission to learn about what it takes to be a planet hunter.

Winging It

For years humans dreamed of flying like birds, and now we can! Join us to test flying machines and investigate the four forces necessary to get humans, birds and other animals off the ground and into the air.

  • Grade Level Recommendations: Grades 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7