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Check out Morehead's summer schedule

Escape the summer heat and sudden storms with a visit to Morehead Planetarium and Science Center. (Hint: For the most fun, bring your friends and family!)

Explore our planet's climate with "Dynamic Earth," an exciting new fulldome planetarium show that will take you deep under the oceans to learn how the Sun's energy affect air and water currents.

Investigate how scientists remove dangerous substances from soil and water in the new exhibit "A Sticky Situation," located in Morehead's Lower Exhibit Gallery.

Visit the Science Stage to experience the new Science LIVE! presentation "All Systems Go," an up-close look at the human body and how it functions.

Remember that Morehead expands its public show schedule during the summer, offering daily planetarium shows Tuesday through Sunday (Morehead is closed on Monday). Check Morehead's website to see what shows are scheduled today!