North Carolina Essential Standards Correlations for "Galileo: The Power of the Telescope"

Science Correlations
6.P.1.2 Forces and Motion Compare the properties of waves to the wavelike property of energy in earthquakes, light and sound.
6.E.1.1 Earth in the Universe Explain how the relative motion and position of the sun, Earth and moon affect the season, tides, phases of the moon, and eclipses.
6.E.1.2 Earth in the Universe Explain why Earth sustains life while other planets do not based on their properties (including types of surface, atmosphere and gravitational force) and location to the Sun.
Information and Technology Correlations
6.SI.1.1 Sources of Information Analyze resources in terms of their reliability.
6.SI.1.2 Sources of Information Analyze content for relevance to the assigned task.
6.SI.1.3 Sources of Information Analyze resources for point of view, bias, values, or intent of information.
6.TT.1.1 Technology as a tool Select appropriate technology tools to gather data and information.
Social Studies Correlations
6.H.2.2 History Compare historical and contemporary events and issues to understand continuity and change.
6.H.2.3 History Explain how innovation and/or technology transformed civilizations, societies and regions over time.
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