Corporate Membership

Through its corporate membership program, Morehead Planetarium and Science Center provides an opportunity for businesses and corporations to help support a North Carolina treasure, to receive public recognition for their support and to offer unique, family-oriented benefits to their employees.

Benefits vary by membership category and include discounted membership for employees to Morehead Planetarium and Science Center, an opportunity to use the facility for an all-day Corporate Day, the eligibility to use Morehead Building event venues for special corporate events and corporate recognition at all public shows for one-year.

Information about each corporate membership category is outlined in the chart below. "Logo" recognition on the planetarium dome indicates that the corporate member is highlighted in an individual logo slide.

Corporate Membership Category Bronze Silver Gold
Annual dues $2,500 $5,000 $10,000
Corporate member communications YES YES YES
Donor recognition in annual report YES YES YES
Donor recognition on planetarium dome YES YES YES - Logo
Donor recognition on Morehead Web site NO NO YES
Membership discount for employees 10% 15% 20%
Corporate Day: all-day usage of facility* $2,000 $1,000 FREE (one)
Usage privilege for Morehead event venue** YES YES YES (one free event)

*Through Corporate Day, a corporate member can open Morehead's doors to its employees for an exclusive Morehead experience. For an entire day, only employees of that particular corporate member and their families can attend Morehead planetarium shows, visit interactive exhibits and shop at the Morehead gift shop. Corporate Day is available on a Saturday during the months of January, May or September and is subject to the approval of Morehead Planetarium and Science Center.

Usage privilege for a Morehead event venue extends to corporate events only. Usage fees apply. For personal events, please refer to the Special Events Facilities web page.

Please note: Annual corporate membership dues are required as monetary donations, not in-kind contributions.

For more information about corporate membership, please contact MPSC's membership office at (919) 843-3475 or at

You may download the Corporate Membership Form as a PDF document.

Effective March 5, 2009.

Memberships and Partnerships
MPSC membership is an opportunity for businesses and corporations to support the educational programs of Morehead Planetarium and Science Center and to develop an affiliation with MPSC, a department of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Monetary contributions to MPSC are processed through UNC's development office.

In addition, MPSC recognizes in-kind contributions, trade agreements and other non-monetary support through a partnership program.

MPSC partners receive donor recognition in the MPSC annual report and on the planetarium dome.

Nearly 60 percent of MPSC's annual budget relies on donations, ticket and gift shop sales and similar sources of revenue. Corporate support is vital to MPSC. Thank you for your support!

With support from its members and partners, MPSC is able to provide educational programming for more than 120,000 visitors (including nearly 80,000 schoolchildren) every year.