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This site, which is staffed by the American Institute of Biological Sciences, includes original lessons for middle and high school students on biotechnology and genomics. Each lesson includes an accompanying article, correlations to the National Science Education Standards, and links for educators and for student research.

Chestnut Tree Lab

In this environmental biotechnology lab, students use RT-PCR, PCR, restriction enzyme digests, and gel electrophoresis to identify if different fungal cankers from chestnut trees have been infected by a hypovirus and if that hypovirus is wild type or a genetically modified form. For high school students.

DESTINY Curriculum

This site links to high school curriculum designed by Morehead Planetarium and Science Center's DESTINY program. In "Biobusiness," students discover how businesses use recombinant DNA technology to tailor products to meet customers' needs. In "Get a Clue," students assume the role of forensic scientists to analyze drops of “blood” and other kinds of evidence found at crime scenes. In "Same Genes, Different Fates," students investigate how the genes encoded in DNA are regulated during development.

DNA Interactive Lesson Plans

This site offers more than a dozen high school lesson plans related to genetics. Plans include objectives, student worksheets, answer sheets, templates, and correlations to the National Science Education Standards.

ENGAGE: Stem Cells

Students learn the basics of stem cells and engage in a role-play exercise to draft legislation pertaining to embryonic stem cell research. A 5-day activity plan and accompanying materials are included in the downloadable package. The resource was developed in Canada and includes references to Canadian legislation. For high school students.

12 Hands-on Activities about Genetics

This document describes activities to enable middle school students to learn about genetics. Using such items as beads and balloons, students learn about DNA, cells, inheritance, and genetic traits. Also included is a low-cost protocol for extracting DNA from a strawberry.

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