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Perseid Update

posted Friday August 1, 2014

Here at Morehead, we're receiving lots of phone calls about the Perseid meteor shower, which peaks annually around Aug. 12, give or take a couple of days.

For 2014, viewing of this meteor shower will probably not be good. The full Moon will light the sky, so you may be able to spot only those meteors that leave an exceptionally bright and long trail.

Morehead is not planning a skywatching session for the Perseid meteor shower this year. Optimistic skywatchers may choose to find a dark field or open area near home and spend a few hours looking for Perseid meteors on their own. (The best observing hours are after midnight.)

If you are looking for a skywatching session around the time of the Perseid meteor shower, Morehead is collaborating with two other organizations to provide skywatching events at their sites:

Morehead expects better conditions for the Geminid meteor shower in December and is planning a skywatching session for the Geminid meteor shower on Dec. 13, weather permitting.