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Introducing "The Longest Night"

posted Tuesday November 6, 2012

This may be the first collaboration of its type, anywhere in the world -- the renowned puppetry of Paperhand Puppet Intervention and the award-winning fulldome production of Morehead, together in a new planetarium show.

"The Longest Night: A Winter's Tale" is a classic fable, set in a snowy village. A young girl from the village leaves on a simple quest that tests her courage and sparks her generous spirit. Will she be able to return to her village as a hero?

Puppets are videotaped against green-screen backgrounds.
Paperhand's puppets are videotaped against a green-screen background. Morehead adds the animated background during production.
The production of "The Longest Night" became a quest of its own, as Paperhand and Morehead professionals experimented with new techniques.

For Paperhand, the collaboration represented an opportunity to see how its elaborate puppets and sets, traditionally seen in live, three-dimensional performances, would translate to a 360-degree projection dome.

For Morehead, "The Longest Night" required a steep learning curve with new skills using green-screen and other technologies that aren't regularly used in fulldome production.

The collaboration was led by PPI's Donovan Zimmerman and Jan Burger and Morehead's Jay Heinz, Peter Althoff and Jim Kachelries, with a cast and crew comprising dozens of puppeteers and production professionals.

"The Longest Night: A Winter's Tale" is scheduled for Morehead's winter schedule, November 2012-February 2013. Look for more show details in October.