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Joe's amazing skywatching video

posted Monday April 18, 2011

Morehead skywatching sessions are so much fun!

Take a look at this time-lapse video, captured by UNC faculty member Joe Pedit, to see a Morehead skywatching session from start to finish. (If you need a free QuickTime player to watch the video, you can download one here.)

Now experience the fun for yourself! Morehead and CHAOS (Chapel Hill Astronomical and Observational Society) host free skywatching sessions every season. Skywatching sessions are relaxed, informal and very family-friendly.

Upcoming sessions:

  • Saturday, April 29
    8-10 p.m.
    Little River Regional Park
  • Saturday, May 7
    9-11 p.m.
    Jordan Lake State Park
Check the website for directions and details. Remember, skywatching sessions may be canceled if clouds make viewing conditions poor.