05 Aug 2008

MPSC will not be holding a skywatching session for the Perseid shower this year since moonlight will interfere during our usual session hours.
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Mickey Jo Sorrell is Morehead's planetarium educator.

What fuels our Morehead animators? Coffee? Jolt? Taser shots to the head? Nope. Turns out it’s lettuce. Iceberg lettuce, to be exact. That’s what Jim brought in for lunch today. That’s it. Just lettuce. This is a troubling sign. I give him until Friday until he’s collapsing on the floor and seeing rainbow animals dancing around the room. Maybe this is how they came up with Fantasia over at Disney…

Jay Heinz is Morehead's Digital Production Manager.

Okay, the temperature in North Carolina is really not THAT hot. But it feels like that!

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Karen Kornegay is Morehead's marketing manager.

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