More than 12,000 people will come to Morehead Planetarium and Science Center for One-Stop Voting this month. What we’d REALLY like is for all of those people to bring their family and friends and come back to see a planetarium show!

So … from now until Nov. 9, 2008, if you wear your “I voted!” sticker into the Morehead gift shop, you’ll receive a 2-for-1 discount if you purchase planetarium show tickets for regularly-scheduled public shows. It’s even valid for the special “Scare-o-lina Skies” shows around Halloween.

And while you’re here to vote (via the west entrance), be sure to check out the “Zoom In” and “Ancient Carolinians” exhibits, which will be open whenever possible during “voting hours.” The exhibits are ALWAYS open during public hours on weekends. So is the gift shop. Check ‘em out!

Karen Kornegay is Morehead's marketing manager.

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