25 Jul 2008

Everyone here at Morehead is excited about this new blog. We hope you like it, too. And if you do, you may want to check out some other blogs by Morehead staffers!

Jesse Richuso, our science presentations manager, posts a monthly astronomy blog called Carolina Skies through WRAL-TV5. You can also watch Jesse monthly on WRAL-TV5’s Saturday morning news, talking about the cool things you can see during Morehead’s free skywatching sessions at Jordan Lake. Look for Jesse’s next appearance on Aug. 9 around 7:30 a.m.

This summer, we’ve also added a Morehead Planetarium blog on Triangle Mom2Mom. Check out that blog for ideas about family-friendly science activities that you can do at Morehead and at home, too.

Karen Kornegay is Morehead's marketing manager.

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