Hot, humid days are beginning to wash over Chapel Hill as they do every year about this time. Summer doesn’t officially begin until the solstice, but the not-so-lazy days of summer begin around here as soon as the first minivans and SUVs full of excited summer campers begin their pilgrimage toward Morehead like that endless line of baseball fans making their way to an Iowa cornfield at the end of “Field of Dreams.”

For our guests, there are friends to be made at camp. ¬†A new “Magic Tree House Space Mission” to be seen in the fulldome theater. And thrills and chills galore to be had in “Science Live!” Yet, I feel fall in the air. You say, Jeff, relax and enjoy the summer. I say summer is almost over in my world. You see, most of my team lives a cycle (or more) in advance of what you actually experience at Morehead.

Right now, we’re working on the 2010-2011 field trip brochure. ¬†Planning for September’s North Carolina Science Festival is in high gear. We’re polishing plans for relaunching “Starry Nights” as a monthly program in September. We’ve already lined up the honored guest and musical acts for November’s Jupiter Ball (you’ll have to wait to find out who they are). And we have multiple grants to write between now and fall’s first frost.

So why am I telling you this? It’s simple really. We’re here to serve you and to deliver programming that interests and inspires you, your families and your schools. Now is the time to give us your ideas and suggestions for new programs and improvements for the coming year. We want to hear from you. And don’t forget to sunscreen this summer!

Jeff Hill is Morehead's director of external relations and all this talk of fall has him thinking about football.

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