Inside the Big Green BusIf you missed “The Big Green Bus” Wednesday, you missed quite the sight. 12 Dartmouth College students and recent graduates are road-tripping across America in a big green bus (duh) that runs on vegetable oil. Wednesday, they brought their message to Morehead Planetarium and Science Center. We were lucky enough to host the BGB because one of the crew is Elysa Corin, a Chapel Hill native.

Elysa is great. She worked at Morehead as a high school student and during breaks from Dartmouth. Unfortunately, she escaped to the great frozen north rather than spending her college days at Carolina. We were happy to have her back if just for a day.

As the bus blog says, The Big Green Bus, Elysa and the rest of its crew are on a mission for a greener tomorrow. However, check out this picture from inside the bus. Making the world a better place isn’t easy work. There’s no air conditioning, and they each get one small bin for all of their belongings for the entire summer. On the other hand, they aren’t completely devoid of the trappings of home … they do have a solar-powered flat screen TV and can play “Guitar Hero” while they’re on the road. (While this all sounds like the makings of an MTV reality show, I promise you there was no camera crew anywhere in sight.)

After a full day showing off the bus to Morehead’s visitors, the BGB headed for its next destination. They’ll take the bus all the way to the Pacific Ocean and then make their way back to Hanover, New Hampshire. That is a lot of veggie oil. So the next time you order fries at the fast food drive-thru, you can console yourself with the possibility that you might be helping the environment if not your waist.

Until next time, keep reaching for the stars.

Jeff Hill is Morehead's director of external relations

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